Interdisciplinary PhD in Structural and Computational Biology and Quantitative Biosciences
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The Biophysics program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a broad inter-departmental inter-disciplinary Ph.D. program that joins the quantitative biosciences, with research at the cross-section between many biological disciplines (biochemistry, chemistry, physics, bioengineering, computational biology, neuroscience, cell biology, and so on).

Areas of excellence include structural biology (CryoEM, NMR, X-ray crystallography), advanced spectroscopy, microscopy and imaging, high-throughput methods, and the integration of experimental and computational methods applied to macromolecular modeling, as well as to system and synthetic biology.

These cutting-edge approaches are used by trainers in the program to study a variety of important biological phenomena and to develop new technologies. Our goal is to prepare our students of diverse backgrounds with rigorous interdisciplinary and quantitative training for a future in research and teaching in academia and in industry and alternative careers.

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Our Fall 2022 Application is open here! We are very excited to meet you soon! Hear some of the many reasons students chose to attend UW-Madison for their graduate studies in biological sciences

56 Faculty Trainers

12 Departments

5.2 Average years to graduation