Trainer Responsibilities

New Trainer Application

If you are interested in becoming a trainer in the Biophysics program, please fill out the trainer application form posted below and return it along with your NIH Biosketch or CV to the Biophysics program coordinator at

Trainer applications will reviewed by the Steering Committee.

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The Biophysics Program is a decentralized inter-departmental Ph.D. program that reports directly to the Graduate School.  As such, we count on our trainers’ commitment and desire to support the program’s mission, and its growth and success.

The mission of the  Biophysics Program is to recruit the most talented group of quantitative, interdisciplinary perspective students and to train them to become accomplished scientists and future leaders in their field.

Trainers in the Biophysics Program, and particularly those who are actively training students or are interested in taking students, are expected to be actively involved in life of the program.  These responsibilities include:

Training practices

  • Use of evidence-informed training and mentoring practices that promote the development and retention of students, with the recognition that the variety of student’s backgrounds and experiences may necessitate the need to tailor the approaches.
  • Employ the highest standards of scientific rigor and and use all available opportunities for imparting those standards to their students.
  • Participate in formal mentor training at least every 5 years (Advancing Research Mentoring Training).


  • Commit to financially support Biophysics student in their group, provided they are making satisfactory progress, until their graduation.
  • Have plans in place for providing financial support if dealing with funding gaps.
  • If circumstances require a laboratory change, continue to fund the student for a one month after they leave their group for lab rotation(s).


  • All trainers are expected to contribute to the success of our recruiting by actively participating in the various events that occur from January to March
  • Trainers are expected to offer availability for one-on-one interviews (in person or over Zoom, depending on the format)
  • Trainers are expected to participate in at least one of the social events in each recruiting weekend, such as lunches, dinners, poster sessions or mixers


  • Every 3-5 years, trainers are expected to contribute a module to the Biophysics seminar course on a topic of their choice (4-week, 1 hour/week commitment)
  • Trainers may also be invited to contribute to the Responsible Conduct of Research course associated with our Program and Training Grant (Biochem 729 Section 008) (1-week, 1 hour commitment)
  • Trainers can also volunteer to lead the annual ethics refresher event on a topic of their choice

New student orientation

Trainers who are recruiting students participate to the new student orientation by

  • Attending welcome events
  • Giving a short presentation regarding their lab and research during orientation week
  • Hosting students for lab rotations

Social and scientific program events

Trainers should participate in at least one of the social/scientific events associated with the life of the program:

  • Attending the annual Biophysics colloquium (generally in September)
  • Attending special seminars

Graduate student training

  • Serving on student thesis committees

Leadership opportunities

  • Serving on the Steering Committee or Admissions Committee

Molecular Biophysics Training Grant

The Biophysics Program is closely associated with the Molecular Biophysics Training Grant (NIH NIGMS T32).  Trainers are required to provide data for training grant reports and renewal submissions.