Interdisciplinary PhD in Structural and Computational Biology and Quantitative Biosciences

Trainer Responsibilities

The purpose of the Biophysics Graduate degree program is to train our students to be highly accomplished scientists in the interdisciplinary field of biophysics. Success in these endeavors fuels the Biophysics Graduate Degree Program, and much of this collaborative work is done by our excellent faculty trainers. Trainers in the Biophysics Graduate Degree Program are expected to be actively involved in program events, including:

  • Serving on the Steering or Admissions Committee
  • Serving on student thesis committees
  • Participating in new student orientation
  • Hosting students for lab rotations
  • Participating in graduate student recruiting interviews and dinners in January/February
  • Attending special seminars
  • Attending the annual Biophysics colloquium in September
  • Contributing a module to the Biophysics seminar course
  • Providing data for training grant reports and renewal submissions

If you are interested in becoming a trainer in the Biophysics program, please fill out the trainer application form and return it along with your NIH Biosketch to the Biophysics program coordinator at

Trainer applications are reviewed by the Steering Committee and applicants will be notified just after the meeting the result of the vote.