What we offer

Our students provide a direct testimonial of their experience as part of the Biophysics program in this selection of short videos.  Learn more about:

  1. How did they choose Biophysics?
  2. Their research areas.
  3. The expensive toys they use (instrumentation).
  4. How did they chose a lab.
  5. Living in beautiful Madison.

1/5 How did you choose Biophysics?

Biophysics is an inter-departmental Ph.D. with trainers from multiple Departments at the cross-section between the biological and physical sciences. The program is highly interdisciplinary, it has a strong tradition in structural and computational biology and offers opportunities across the whole spectrum of quantitative biosciences.

Students come to Biophysics from different majors (from Biology to Physics, including many Engineering majors) and diverse research experiences.  For this reason, our program is flexible and provides a broad spectrum of training opportunities.

2/5 What is your research areas?

Our labs are interested in

  • understanding biological systems in physical, mechanistic and quantitative terms
  • investigating structure-function relationship at the molecular, cellular or supracellular level
  • integrate experimental and computational methods to solve challenging biological phenomena and develop technology


3/5 What instrumentation do you use?

Our laboratories, departments and centers offer modern spaces and state-of-the-art instrumentation.  These include renewed national facilities for cryo-EM and cryo-ET and NMR. We are also cutting edge imaging facilities, including single-molecule imaging, mass spec, drug screening, computing and more. These facilities offer endless first-hand training opportunities to realize your potential and build your future.

4/5 How did you choose your lab?

Students choose their thesis lab after a series of three rotations in the Fall semester of their first year. Our students come from a variety of different background and research interests. During rotation they explore that are most aligned to their goals and explore new directions.

Our students, faculty, and staff form a tight and inclusive diverse and multinational community that provides opportunities for all type of professional goals and personal development, in a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere.

5/5 How is life in Madison?

Madison is an enriching and stimulating place to live. It is easy to find entertainment with a large variety of sports, arts, and music events, amazing farmers markets, and festivals. The city and its surrounding parks and lakes provide endless opportunities for outdoor activities (hiking, running, cycling, canoeing, sailing, ice skating, skiing, snowshoeing) during all four of our beautiful seasons. Affordable housing near campus, plus excellent transportation and bike paths, make it easy to commute and move around the city.

Our promo video

The Biophysics Program in a few soundbites: an interdisciplinary, interdepartmental program that join students and faculty of diverse research interests and backgrounds.