Interdisciplinary PhD in Structural and Computational Biology and Quantitative Biosciences

What we offer

Biophysics is an inter-departmental Ph.D. program formed by world-class trainers with homes in thirteen Departments and four different Colleges. The program is highly interdisciplinary, with cutting-edge research across the entire spectrum of quantitative biosciences.

Our labs are interested in

  • understanding biological systems in physical, mechanistic and quantitative terms
  • investigating structure-function relationship at the molecular, cellular or supracellular level
  • integrate experimental and computational methods to solve challenging biological phenomena and develop technology

Biophysics is a rich and flexible program that provides a broad spectrum of training opportunities for outstanding students with diverse backgrounds. We particularly welcome applications from 1) students with a strong background in one or more of our main research areas; 2) students with broad interdisciplinary training; 3) students with mastery in a single field wishing to develop interdisciplinary training.

Find what is special about being part of our community

Crossdisciplinary research for every interest

Biophysics is a broad and rich research program at the intersections between disciplines. It has a strong tradition in structural and computational biology and offers opportunities across the whole spectrum of quantitative biosciences.

Excellence in graduate education

With over 50 years of history, we are part of UW-Madison’s long tradition of excellence in graduate training.

Ph.D. students are the main force that drives our research. We are proud to be training the next generation of scientists and leaders.

Cutting-edge training opportunities

Modern laboratories and state-of-the-art instrumentation — from cryo-EM, to NMR, imaging, drug screening, computing and more. In Biophysics you will find endless first-hand training opportunities to realize your potential and build your future.

Biochemistry building at dawn

Join a vibrant community

Our students, faculty, and staff form a tight and inclusive diverse and multinational community that provides opportunities for professional, academic, and personal development, in a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere.

A great program in a great city

Madison and our lakeside campus are a great place to be.

Our city is affordable, bike-friendly, and has great transportation, restaurants, art and infinite recreational opportunities — the perks of a big city while keeping great quality of life.

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