Juan Sanchez

Wright Lab jcsanchez3@wisc.edu


B.S. Biology, Virginia Commonwealth University
M.S. Biology, Northeastern Illinois University

Project: Structural studies of prokaryotic appendages by cryo-EM, light microscopy, and molecular biology approaches

The flagella and pili of many bacteria are essential for motility, adherence, biofilm formation, and are often crucial virulence factors for pathogenic species. I use cryo-electron microscopy, cryo-electron tomography, and cryo-light and electron microscopy to study these prokaryotic appendages in pathogenic Vibrio cholerae and non-pathogenic Caulobacter crescentus. With this structural information, we will be able to develop agents that may serve as labels for imaging or as antimicrobial treatments. In addition, my work focuses on developing workflows for structure determination by cryo-EM.

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Juan Sanchez